Over the years, Tandem has developed enduring relationships withEditors and Senior Media across the categories of Business, Luxury, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Retail and Hospitality.We follow a customised approach to media outreach, in order to create effective and result oriented strategies in PR and Communications. These are additionally based on Research and Measurement to drive Earned, Paid and Owned media strategies. We are also an agile team that knows when and how to make real-time, tactical shifts in each communication channel or outreach strategy.


We are able to develop Data-driven Digital Marketing Campaigns across different client categories. We understand the 360° view of the entire marketing mix to create the foundation of a digital strategy that is unique to every client. In the digital space, it's notwhat you say but how you say it, It's not only about how you engage with your audiences but also about how you make them feel and finally about how you keep things simple, effective and yet creative to get striking results!


At Tandem, we design and execute content marketing programs across all platforms. Our team of copywriters can create effective content which includes Press Releases, Trend Notes, news Wires, Blog Posts , Instagram Posts, Editorials, FAQ sheets, Key Talk Points, Newsletters and moreWe help our clients develop a voice for every audience and every platform.


At Tandem, we add value to each PR campaign, by outreach to a pool of thought leaders and effective influencers. We develop customised messages to engage with this community, highlightingkey performance indicators and innovations that our clients offer. We have enduring, long-term relations with Influencers across our core categories of expertise, to add an important layer of collaborations, expert speak, market insights and industry credibility, as deliverables to our clients.


At Tandem we coach our clients and spokes persons on how to best to interact effectively with media, from phone interview basics to one to one interactions while ensuring brand pillars and key messaging pegs are effectively communicated. We also educate clients on the background and profile of the media title and journalist, before any interview format.


We are on hand to guide clients through any crisis. From understanding facts, crafting timely responses to real-time monitoring of news and social media, from guidance on issues management, contingency planning to media accessibility and issue of statement, we counsel our clients effectively in order to manage a crisis with minimal damage to their reputations.


Working with long-term clients to correctly position and build successful brands with PR working effectively in conjuction with other marketing disciplines. We work on a well-defined yet nimble brand strategy that affects all aspects of how a brand is perceived and connects with its stake holders via a mix of story telling across tradional media & digital platforms, brand engagement programs, third party endorsements, advocacy campaigns and thought leadership building platforms. Today PR & Communications is all about Strategy that creates maximum Engagement and Emotional Connect that supports and reinforces the Brand Identity.


We delve deep to understand a company's work culture and ethos in order to develop a strategy that ensures all communications are in line with their corporate identity and building blocks of company philosophy. Within this, we also leverage important spokespersons and department heads who bring this ethos to life ie CEOs, HR, Marketing, Finance, Tech Heads as well as other stakeholders are portrayed as experts who stand for certain values that mirror and significantly contribute to a client's distinct personality.


Our communications experts work in tandem with social media teams to develop campaigns that resonate the brand ethos, in the context of effective social media innovations and action oriented direct to consumer messaging protocols to ensure social media becomes an important communications, community building and social listening tool.


We have devised and executed Virtual Events for product launches, celebrity interactions, influencer meet ups, consumer gatherings etc in the virtual space using tech enabled platforms. We also specialise in customising solutions in order to make the virtual experience as personalised and engaging as possible, to not only drive awareness but also generate organic multipliers across social media from amongst the attendees.We also work with creative agencies to create bespoke event design solutions that are in synergy with the nature & form of the brand values as well as event format.