NYUMI- India’s first startup reinventing the daily vitamin for Indian women, launches with five products

Mumbai| June 2021:Did you forget to take your vitamin today? Are you too busy to take care of your overall health and immunity? You’re not the only one!

Introducing innovative wellness,direct to consumer startup Nyumi,conceptualised by entrepreneur Ananya Kejriwal Agarwal that enters the fast-growing Nutraceutical space, launching critical products specifically formulated for the urban Indian woman. Nyumi, is the first offering of its kind to address the specific issues of nutrient deficiencies in Indian women through products that blend the best of Indian herbs and Western ingredients in the form of vegan, gluten and allergen-free gummy.

Today, 70% of urban Indian women are nutrient deficient. Regular signs of deficiency like acne, hair fall, fatigue, insomnia or food cravings are rarely treated at the root. Nyumi has been created with the belief that vitamins should not be a chore but a daily routine that’s enjoyable and easy to follow, as it packs in a combination of essential nutrition and taste.Nyumi presents the promise of clean nutrition without any compromise as it reinvents the vitamin industry.The initial product portfolio targets the most prevalent women centric issues : Immunity, Hair, Skin, Sleep and Urinary Tract Wellness.

With the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic , issues of everyday immunity, wellness and nutrition have become major concerns, driving explosive growth for the nutraceuticals industry, further aided by the boom in Ecommerce with wellness being one of the largest and fastest growing categories.

Ananya Kejriwal Agarwal, the Nyumi Founder & CEO, graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Engineering and Design Thinking from Olin College of Engineering. She worked across Product, Growth and Busines Operations at Microsoft in Seattle and at Headspace, a leading mental wellness app, in Los Angeles where she learned how to build scalable products that users love.

Taking on the responsibility of reinventing daily nutrition supplements for women , a team of German pharmacists and Indian nutritionists from Nyumi researched diets and deficiencies common to women in India and sourced ingredients from across the world formulating products to ensure maximum efficacy and bioavailability.Each product is a scientifically tested blendof the best of Indian and Western ingredients, where every ingredient is sourced with care. All ingredients are clinically researched, and multiple ingredients are even patented extracts. The new products are just the beginning of the overarching mission of the company to address some of the significant health issues affecting women, more so in the post-Covid-19 world.

Speaking on the launch, Ananya says" We have invested heavily in R&D for all of our products to ensure maximum efficacy and bio-availability while making delicious flavours! All of our ingredients have been tested not just for their nutritional benefits but also for the quality of their source, clinical reports and compatibility with other ingredients. Good nutrition should not be a compromise and that’s why I built Nyumi. Nyumi focuses on bringing balance for women in the midst of their daily busy lifestyles that takes a toll on their health, mind and body.”

As per International Trade Administration, the nutraceuticals market is expected to grow from $4 billion (in 2017) to $18 billion by 2025. This growth is expected to be even more after the attention that the issues of immunity & overall wellness have got post the pandemic.

Nyumi is for a generation of women who are looking to carve their own space while negotiating the traditional ideas of womanhood, they are accustomed to balance a multitude of to-do lists, different priorities and ambitions and tend to put their health & wellness on the backburner.

Nyumi is available through Nyumi.com, Amazon, and Nykaa.

To learn more, please visit https://nyumi.com

About Ananya Kejriwal Agarwal, Founder, Nyumi

Heart, Mind and Science

Ananya Kejriwal Agarwal launched Nyumi to disrupt the vitamin aisle. Tired of drinking bitter kadhas and swallowing tablets that made her nauseous, she decided to combine her design thinking and engineering skills to build a better vitamin that also tasted good.

Ananya graduated with a B.S. in Engineering from Olin College of Engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She worked across Product, Growth and Business Operations at Microsoft in Seattle and at Headspace where she learned how to build scalable products that users love.

She discovered her passion for wellness, while living in LA and working at Headspace, a leading mental wellness app. Surrounded by people drinking turmeric lattes, Vitamin C shots and other multivitamin pills, Ananya realized the biggest challenge with the vitamin industry was consistency: how do we get people to take their vitamin not just occasionally, but every single day? If you don’t consume it regularly, it won’t help you and no matter how power-packed a vitamin might be: a vitamin not consumed is not helpful to anyone. That is when she committed to the gummy form to keep you wanting to, not just needing to, eat your vitamins every day.

But she didn’t stop there. While there were standard ready-made formulas that were widely used everywhere, Ananya wanted to do even more. Her engineer instincts kicked in to want to design the best product in terms of efficacy and nutrition. Her personal experience had taught her to value both: time-tested Indian Ayurveda, and clinically researched Western nutrients – so rather than picking just one school of thought, she put together a multidisciplinary team with nutritionists from India combined with pharmacists in Germany to formulate products that blended the best of Indian and Western sciences.

Fun fact:

Ananya was ranked 6th in Asia for pi memorization! She memorized over 740 digits, when she would get bored walking up and down from school to dorms everyday at Woodstock School, in the Himalayas.